Sunday, April 1, 2018


The name is Gábor, although most friends call me Chomy. I’ve been an enthusiastic roleplayer since the early nineties. Over the years, I’ve heaped up a lot of self-created material I do not consider worthy (or possible) of publishing in a conventional way, but regret just having them collect dust in the drawer. Most of them will stay there for eternity, as they would need way too much editorial work to become usable for others. Some of them might also feature content found on the internet, created by other people for free personal use. So I’ve decided to return the favor and upload the stuff that might be usable for fellow gamers. Salvage anything you may!

Also, some rant about my ongoing campaigns, or gaming in general might occur.

Please note: stuff found here are all fan-created material, originally made for my own personal use at home. They are not intended to hurt anyone’s copyrights or intellectual property. If I did so by mistake, please contact me so I can correct my wrongs.

By no means should anything found here be sold in any format, for any price.

What should you expect to find here?

Adventure sites, encounters. Small to middle-sized dungeons. Very short adventures that could be used as a sidetrek or something the player characters chance upon while wandering from point A to B. Random encounter tables. Magic items. Some might be used as-is, others with minor tweaks, or simply as a source of ideas. Mostly this kind of stuff.

The deal is, I currently have a few ongoing D&D 5E campaigns - one using Sasquatch Studio’s fantastic Primeval Thule setting, one based on WotC’s Storm King’s Thunder, and another one using a converted version of Rob Conley’s Blackmarsh. This means most of the content will use 5E rules (for now), though I’ll refrain from using copyright material (e. g. using monster statblocks from the books), even those in the SRD, so do not expect the stuff to be especially crunchy. 

I’ve started roleplaying with AD&D, and I still consider it to be my favorite edition (retroclones included). I’ve had a burnout on 3E, so I welcomed 4E when it came out, though it didn’t take too much time to realize it wasn’t my cup of tea. Yet, my party at the time wanted to play it, so I’ve DMed it for (some very long) years. Some of my stuff will come from this time, but I’ll most likely convert it to 5E rules.

At the same time all this happened, I became quite a fan of BECMI - an edition that never really made a fanbase in my home country -, shortly ventured into Das Schwarze Auge (3rd edition, strictly), and I’m crazy for DCC RPG and its adventures. I’ve observed the OSR closely and with awe, and it had a very strong influence on my taste.

As for the future: well, plans are constantly changing. But there are simply too many adventures on my shelves designed for Labyrinth Lord or Swords & Wizardry that *must* be DMed at some point, so...

Okay, I think this should be enough for introductions. Let’s see some content.


  1. This year just keeps getting better and better. Welcome aboard, sir!

  2. Waaaaaagh! ...I mean, "Welcome!"

  3. Got directed here from Vorpal Mace, really excited to see your work!

    1. Thank you! Second post is almost done (I'm 95% finished with translation, but still have to make some sketches), and more is on the way. :)

  4. Thanks for this blog! It's nice to see there are others who enjoy the Primeval Thule campaign setting even though it isn't supported very well by Sasquatch Games.

    1. My pleasure! Thule definitely deserves more love.