The name is Gábor, although most friends call me Chomy. I’ve been an enthusiastic roleplayer since the early nineties. Over the years, I’ve heaped up a lot of self-created material I do not consider worthy (or possible) of publishing in a conventional way, but regret just having them collect dust in the drawer. Most of them will stay there for eternity, as they would need way too much editorial work to become usable for others. Some of them might also feature content found on the internet, created by other people for free personal use. So I’ve decided to return the favor and upload the stuff that might be usable for fellow gamers. Salvage anything you may!

Also, some rant about my ongoing campaigns, or gaming in general might occur.

Please note: stuff found here are all fan-created material, originally made for my own personal use at home. They are not intended to hurt anyone’s copyrights or intellectual property. If I did so by mistake, please contact me so I can correct my wrongs.

By no means should anything found here be sold in any format, for any price.

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